From business experience… to the right contribution ; the heart open with commitmment.

Having had the chance to try out a broad-spectrum of business functions, missions, dimensions and contexts, I hold a systemic look on professional situations. It speaks for me on the business vision I have.

After few decades of resistance, I have succeeded to shift my need for meaning from exigence to a simple quest.

The accuracy of the chosen words on the shared experiences is one of my most favourite form of intervention in problem-solving. I have not given up on saving the World ; my scope of application is proximity at work and my Archimedes levers, benevolence and sharing.

I fill the physical and sound space, and regularly surpassing the comfort limits of my neighbours. Doing it with open heart and accepting the remonstrances with good mood, I am tolarated in the biotope.

Despite all of this, I only hold on to the attention to what happens and the relevance of my contribution to the moment.

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