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How to transform the strategic planning process as a great management tool?

At start

« Make a great management tool out of this strategic planning. »

Passing an intense business mobilization for the teams, this French subsidiary has to deploy the Group process of strategic planning within the 40 sites: Balances Scorecard.

Facing this unexpected demand from the France CEO, we dare to take the bull by the horns: how to bring a shared vision of the strategy for each agency, for the next five years, while mobilizing the collective intelligence and the collaborative dynamic?

The steps along the way

Slice the approach in subprocesses in order to identify the concerns, issues and modalities, of work and team mobilization.

Design tools to support the workshops production.

Set up a global planning for deployment.

Conduct a training dedicated to region’s directors: master the method, define the deliverables, set the mobilization issues, propose work methods, understand my animation role.

Key factor success

A tight collaboration with the Balanced Scorecard project leader.

A deep dive at the heart of the method, in order to understand the substance of each step and share it better.

Lessons learnt and implemented on the ground at each step.

The effective adoption of this new management component by the leaders.

From then

The vision, the objectives, the actions and the strategic KPIs is a business reality within the whole network.

The integration to the budget process support the meaning, the coherence and the realism of the transformation perspectives.

The management line is carrying the project dynamic.

This new lever of mobilization found its peak at the annual convention with the Balanced Scorecard trophy.

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