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Winning service : the full deployment of a new client service approach

At start

The French subsidiary of an international transport group is getting out of a deep operational restructuration (production changeover, deployment of a group operating tool, upturn of the network financial performance). Under the main driver of the Marketing Direction, the Commercial Director confides to us his/her concern :

« I want to spread a veritable spirit of client service in the agencies and considerably progress in achieving our objectives of perceived-quality service. »

We offer him an ambitious project to transform the Quality department into a Client service department while engaging the department heads and the agency directors.

The steps along the way

Carry out an initial diagnosis thanks to interviews of department heads.

Organize the skill development of the 35 department heads, by training them on four topics: Mission, Skills, Technical mastery, Project management (4 x 2 days).

Set up progressively a continious improvement plan for the client service deliveries.

Engage the client service department heads into the conception of the frame of reference, during creative sessions, followed by thematic working groups and validation sessions with the managers.

Key factor success

Create a new pride of belonging to the profession.

Design customized trainings progressively, in the set guidelines.

Recruit a project head dedicated to the client service department within the commercial direction.

Converge the service client heads and their managers around a single document, frame of reference for the processes of the client service department.

Organize best practices exchanges in pair working, to support the ongoing developments.

Ensure the regular involvement of the management line.

From then

The client service department is integrated to the management team of each agency.

A frame of reference “Winning service” with 100 points shared by the whole management line of the subsidiary.

All the client service heads were trained.

A collaborative dynamics is set up on the collective topics.

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