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Raise the sale skills of the management line through the codevelopment practice

At start

We support the Sales Direction of the French subsidiary of an European transport Group to develop the intelligence in business and the commercial action efficiency of its field and commercial managers.

Meeting the challenge to offer a training to get to the next level, we make the choice of codevelopment, centered on commercial management efficiency.

This approach enables to mobilize the collective intelligence and creat a collaborative dynamic, as solving real problems. We organize a program of five sessions, lasting a day each, for seven groups, on a year period.

The steps along the way

Convince the Sales Direction of the interest of an uncommon approach on which it will exercice pratically no control and won”t have no visibility on the content.

Organize teams, offer an engaging communication for the approach.

Organize launch evenings for sharing the essentials to commercial management dynamic and the discovery of codevelopment.

Debrief with the managers and the Sales Direction.

Key factor success

The trust of the Sales Direction in our recommendations, before experiencing the effects.

Find the right balance between autonomous experiment and the methodological framing brought one session in two.

Managers, very willful to discover codevelopment.

From then

The key managerial preoccuations (important, urgent) has been traited at the right level of priority set by each one.

The enthusiastic trainees by the double effect of solution and learning, deciding to renew the session at the end of the training.

The Management Direction considering to expand the approach to other perimeters and other management concerns.

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