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A path of management skill development for each floor

At start

The French subsidiary of this international transport Group is engaged in a deep restructuring. The management wants to strengthen the key people ability to address challenges and contribute to the performance, while progressing towards the Group manager profile.

We design and animate a “Entrepreneur Manager” program, at the crossroads of the Group values, of its governance, its levers and its transformation issues, congruent with the Human Resources development processus. We support the translation of learnings into the operational reality.

The steps along the way

A thorough framing phase from the interviews done with the HR people and the board of directors members, as well as the analysis of the performance evaluation meetings and a diagnosis of skills to define the targetted profile of the “Entrepreneur Manager”.

The design of the global project (themes, speakers, schedule, facilitation methods).

The steering of the steps implementation : launch session, intercultural management, performance evaluation meetings, from the strategy to the commercial action plan, engaging communication, engaging the HR people.

Key factor success

A real phase dedicated to the need definition and the design of the pedagogical bouquet.

The continuous impregnation of strategic and operational concerns and the content adjustement.

The ability to suggest post-training actions to translate the skill development on the field and into the management processes.

From then

The skill development of all the operational managers (50 managers).

The bond development between the participants and the adhesion to the company project.

The demand of the Management to extend this action by the creation of a program addressing the middle managers (350 heads and team managers).

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