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Support transversality and changes with a training program

At start

What is the purpose of the creation of a transverse training for high-potential executives?

We have support the HRD and the corporate university of a technology group in the conception, animation and evaluation of a long and transverse training gathering the high-potential executives of the organization.

The steps along the way

Develop from an existing training, adaptating to the changing context of the group.

Create a working alliance with the executive directors to formalize the pedagogical contents and organize the work sequences.

Animate trainings with the executive directors, the job experts and the “great witnesses”.

Evaluate and continuously adjust the key messages.

Key factor success

A good working alliance with the university members and the executive directors.

Strong key job messages, enlightened strategic axis, original learning techniques.

A group of participants from all venues, mutually listening leading to the creation a dynamic and living network of peers.

From then

Retained high-potential participants, open-minded on the issues of the sector, entrepreneur of their networks and their projects.

Executive directors in direct contact with employees to share closely the concerns of the changes to make.

A corporate university radiating within the organization and favorizing the spreading of right practices and strategic issues.

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