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Succeed the merger of two management teams in an international context

At start

The general manager of a French company just purchase one of its competitors attending business in a dozen european countries. He wishes an audit of the strenghts and weaknesses of the current country managers.

The steps along the way

Work with the executive committee to apprehend the business issues of today and tomorrow.

Assess in French of in English a dozen country managers with a face-to-face feedback of their strong points and their limits regarding the concerns.

Write and hand over to each of them a synthesis.

Give a collective feedback to the executive committee for decision-making.

Key factor success

Communicate transparently all along of the mission.

Use a simple and transparent tool (SOSIE 2) without dogmatism but as support to the interview.

Optimize the process in order to made decisions quickly in order to reduce at a minimum the questions of the participants.

Coach the executive committee to make decisions and take the choices on.

From then

The assessment of all the managers and the mission synthesis done in less than 3 weeks.

Objectified decisions and the formalization of action plans to ease the implementation.

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