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Redefine the position and value proposition of a transverse team

At start

The Direction of a corporate university of a 30,000 people Group has appealed to us to answer a process complexity concern.

Following this first demand, we detect a big ambition of transformation and we offer them to work at the operational projection of their vision for their future as a transverse entity in an international Group.

We set up a working task force.

The steps along the way

Make formulating a clear, precise and communicable vision of the entity and its adaptation in five missions carying performance for the Group.

Identity all the stakeholders interacting with the corporate university team.

Define what each mission means for each stakeholders.

Formulate a value proposition of the corporate university for each stekaholder and working axis to carry them out.

Conceive an action and communication plan within the guidelines of the working axis.

Define KPI evaluating the achievement of the value propositions.

Key factor success

A will of the task force to support its ambitions.

A red wire tool, specifically conceived for the needs of the workshops.

A challenging formulation in the word choices to make sure everyone is aligned: from the vision, the missions, the value propositions and work axis.

From then

A clear perspective on the missions to carry out and the new position to gain among the stakeholders.

An actionable action plan, easy to steer, linked with the value propositions and the work axis to preserve the meaning of the lead actions.

The foundation stones of an ambitious transformation plan to redefine its value proposition and its contribution to the Group performance.

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