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Recruit a director for a NGO with an industrial and ecological project

At start

The founder of the NGO wishes to structure his organization regarding his ambitious international projects ahead.

The steps along the way

Work with the leader on his assets, his vision and its communicating skills but also his limits (management, operational management of the teams) in order to convince him of the necessity to recruit a true number two, dealing with the day-to-day operations.

Choose to lead a global research integrating the contacts coming from his important network but not only.

Communicate widely and very newsworthily, but also targetted: direct approach, in regions where the headquarter is.

Adapt the process by working smartly with the founder since the recruitment has to take place in a 3 weeks period while freeing ourselves from the sacrosanct short list that headhunters are supposed to supply to their client.

Key factor success

A great complicity and a mutual trust.

A transparency on the assets and on the doubts regarding the limits of some candidates that the founder sent us directly, from his network.

A transparency with the candidates on the risks and uncertainties of this ambitious project.

From then

5 interviews organized in less than three weeks.

3 selected candidates for a second interview with the client.

1 recruited candidate that we support during his integration.

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