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Bring closer the network operational direction, the marketing direction and th

At start

How to create a collaborative dynamic between the directions to organize and launch two high financial stake issue projects: the recruitment and the development of new company heads of the networks?

We offered to work on the implementation of a frame of reference for company head skills.

The steps along the way

The choice of a tool to build a common language and to pass a way of working in order to foster the implementation of transverse work rituals.

The prospective analysis of the future evolutions of the company head job.

The animation of 6 workshops bringing together the company heads.

The achievement of an operational and pedagogical seminar with the various directions to equip and frame three projects: recruit better, train better, evaluate better.

The presentation by the project’s actors and the hand over of the frame of reference to approximatively 1000 head company associated during the annual convention.

Key factor success

An analysis and une subtle understanding of the Group complexity to mobilize the energies around the project.

An anticipation on the antagonisms to find paths of constructive collaborations to pacify the relationships.

The strong framing and the preparation of each workshop to allow freedom during the production in the workshop.

The use of the results of a previous workshop to build the next one in a very short period of time.

An HR tool, done by and for the operationals.

From then

The pride of the result, anchored on a work entirely done by the company heads themselves.

The pride to have overcome the antagonisms between the directions and to have experienced a simple and smooth collaboration still enabling today a speed in project implementation.

An unifying work to realize a complete revision of the integration path for the company heads and enabling a more subtle and shared appreciation of the candidates.

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