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Performance plan of support functions: process improvement, robotization, offshoring

At start

How to set up a network of internal resources, in low-cost work countries, to handle the administrative services for the support functions? How to make good use of the advantages of offshoring without externalizing?

The steps along the way

Make an inventory of the administrative services already handled with offshoring by some entities of the Group.

Detail the services done today and the diversity of the operating mode.

Animate a workshop of entity’s managers (France, Romania, India) to prepare the implementation of an international network of internal service providers to the Group:

  • What would be the offer of each entity gathered in a global network service provider? What are the skills, the assets and the weakenesses of each? De facto, what would be the logic of specialization of each site?
  • What should the HR policy of a global service provider – and what are the tools the entities of this network must share?
  • How does one pass from the “administrative service” traditional status to the « business service provider » status: how do the production of admin serices can be industrialized? What are the tools which enable improvements and offer a service continuously improved to a continuously optimized cost?
  • What is the contractual relationship between the one which provides the service and the ordering customer?
  • How to anticipate the evolutions in the work environment (technological evolutions, digitalization, labour relationship modifications, crowdsourcing) which will occur before the set up of this internal network?

On each of those points: shared practices, external benchmarks, mid-term target conception.

Key factor success

Have available an internal sponsor maintaining the ambition of the project.

Use benchmarks with some global business services pure players (Tata Consulting Group, Infosys, etc.).

Give meaning to the project, by giving a new ambition to the support functions.

From then

The vision of what is a global network of adminiatrive service providers (global business services).

A clear roadmap enabling to guide the organization and investment choices in each entity.

The vision on the levers available to the internal service providers and to the Group to improve their performance.

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