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Build and launch a training centre for apprentices

At start

This interurban transport group is wondering on the opportunity of building a new training policy for the newcomers.

It wishes to put a detailed opportunity case file up to document the different aspects related to the creation of a training centre for apprenticies and decide on the ways and means of its implementation.

The steps along the way

Put an internal and external project team together with a true sponsorship from the management.

Co-construct the project with numerous working sessions to put the case file up and a strong engagement from the stakeholders far upstream.

Create a complete tool of financial simulation to decide better.

Write an opportunity case file for the executive committee to decide.

Put together a creation file for the centre addressed to the Region.

Follow-up the file in the various decision-making body.

Help the set up of the future training centre for apprentices for an opening under 6 months.

Key factor success

The analysis, step by step, of the various factors of optimization choice for the employment and training policy to engage in.

The knowledge of the external interlocutors of each of the institution.

The ability to conceive innovative schemes to offer original and advantageous solutions for the group and admissible for the Region.

The tight project steering on the different scopes: political, industrial, technical.

From then

A training centre for apprentices validated by the region in a record time (2 months).

Three strong partners for the opening in September.

A first start with more than 150 apprentices on stressed jobs and a projection of 500 apprentices under 3 years.

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