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Raise a management culture

At start

How to develop more collaborative postures, mid-term thinking and a better awareness of the other management line concerns into managers? How to temper the operational urge feeling and the prevalence of margin monitoring in stores?

We support a broad retail Group (300 stores in France) for transforming the management chain which connects the head office to the stores in order to : improve the store performance, improve the quality and velocity of project execution on the ground as well as a better contribution from field managers to the head office work.

We have offered to conceive and deploy a training program aiming at developing a management culture of regional and stores managers.

The steps along the way

Map the tension situations into managerial relationships.

Prepare the trainings to give to the participants the sufficient account and finance dye so each of them understand the impacts of his/her decisions and his/her actions on the economic data of the company.

Use those notions to decrypt the underlying financial issues in managerial tension situations.

Play role plays allowing each of them to put themselves in another’s shoes: « Why does the Group prefer other investments projects as the one I suggest? » « Why does my manager ask me to work on topics which are going to ice my margin in the next months? » « What ask to my department managers to improve the income statement in mid-term of my store? of the Group? »

Key factor success

Approach the management like a tool enabling to take decisions and not only as a vector of reporting.

Design the management culture training on real situations.

Promote the progresses and communicate on successful examples.

From then

The understanding of the operation impacts on a daily basis on accountable and financial indicators – and the desacralization of the conversation with the financial functions.

An enhanced synergy between levels of the management chain – head office / commercial directors / store directors / department managers.

Individual contributions better related to the collective performance.

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