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What if your field managers were more than executing

At start

Some department managers shared their loss of trust in their brand and their management. A strong signal leading to a wake-up call of the brand and store directions. This disengagement is linked to the human distancing (with the directions, the support functions) and the feeling to not being able to reach the ambition result objectives with the given means.

The axis we have chosen with Laurence Heiz, General Manager back then, was to give the decision keys to the department managers.

The direct impact of this orientation required to change the collaborative postures and the intervention mode of support functions with the department managers. Indirectly, the contribution of the direction was impacted in its was of conducting the Group projects addressed to the stores.

The steps along the way

• Work on the « work together » :

Get around the same table, the department managers, the management direction, and the support functions to work on their final choices of commercial policy of the store.

Construct a common project around four performance objectives gathered into a performance plan, attached to yearly budget objectives.

• Sustain and make the collaborative setup more robust :

Define a processus and a work planning to leave space and time to collaboration with department managers and their teams.

Design a training plan to support the transformation : on the understanding of the business processes and the relational and collaborative skill development.

Realize regular review, speak the truth with caring to move step by step the lines.

Key factor success

The top management engagement to create the transformation conditions with strong choices.

A strong preparation of the work approach in order to set the state of mind between the protagonists.

The “coaching” of our interlocutors to help them adopt simple and fluid postures which ease the conception, the decision, the action organization, the reviews and the feedbacks on experience.

A true dialogue which brings a great simplification in work methods.

The wakeup-call of the cross contributions and the department managers attention into the reaching of performance objectives.

The rhythm setup and the working methods to work the commercial policy on long-term.

Consider the people, listen to them, that’s the real innovation !

From then

Un changement d’été d’esprit dès lors qu’ils n’étaient plus considérés comme simples exécutants.

Le Top management a gagné dans le « faire confiance »

Les managers de proximité se sont réappropriés leurs rayons et sont redevenus utile pour leurs équipes.

Les managers des fonctions supports de l’entreprise ont adoptés des postures en soutien et ont augmentés leurs impacts en point de vente.

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