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From experts to executive committee members recruitment

At start

The managing direction of a referent joint body wishes to recruit its managing collaborators while taking into account the requirements of operational performance.

We recruit since 2010 on all the functions of the company, executive committee included.

The steps along the way

Grasp the organizational and cultural issues while performing several recruitment with success: field researchers, then IT heads of project, then legal experts.

Recreate a direction “research” from scratch following a reorganization.

Bet on younger profiles with strong technical and statistical skills with a quick learning potential.

After some successes, we are asked on two positions in the executive committee: Finance and accounting Director &amp Audit and performance Director, that we carried well.

Key factor success

Collaborate closely with the HR referents, the managing direction and the operational managers.

Challenge the client on his/her expectations.

Ensure a pace in the recruitment process.

Suggest advice on the onboarding.

From then

More than twenty recruitments since 2010, lead with success on profiles all complex and atypical.

Over the years, the acquisition the reference consulting firm status.

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