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Define a skill frame of reference on high level

At start

In front of a crisis context of consumer and competitor turmoils, this company of the mass retail sector defined in his strategic plan some significant commercial evolutions.

The group wishes now that each store manager, ancient, newcomer or upcoming, integrates those evolutions and turn professional.

We offer to create a skill frame of reference enabling a common language, to engage various shareholders and to unite around ambitious projects.

The steps along the way

Analyze the potential of future evolutions of the jobs in a food outlet.

Prepare, organize and animate four workshops gathering the directors to conceive a skill frame of reference.

Set up a project organization enabling the establishment of common work rituals between the different stakeholders of the project (network, training center, marketing direction, etc.)

Prepare the launch of following projects: training evolution, recruitment evolution, company head evoluation, etc.

Cpmmunicate on the project on a mobilizing and involving way.

Key factor success

Our sharp knowledge of the mass retail sector.

The co-construction with the stakeholders.

The steering in project mode with the responsabilities of clear sub-projects.

The final and collective validation of the frame of reference.

From then

A skill frame of reference adapted and assimilated by all since it was conceived by and for the outlet directors.

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