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Decide to reorganize or not to ? That is the question

At start

A division of this French logistic group is facing the uncommon growth of one of its regional subsidiary. The entity dynamic is excellent but the growth perspectives rise concerns.

Is the relative weight of the subsidiary carrying imbalance within the division? Is there an agility loss risk for the subsidiary management?

The top management is asking us to help the management committee of the subsidiary to weigh the pros and cons to take a decision. We engage them in a collaborative dynamic aiming at offering the best solution, accepted by all.

The steps along the way

Supervise a workshop to lay all the elements in the form of concerns and vigilance points, regroup them and prioritize them.

Facilitate remotely working sub-groups to analyze the vigilance points and suggest treatment modalities.

Organize a deliverable sharing meeting for a common appropriation of the contents.

Hold a synthesis and a collective decision meeting to be submitted to the subsidiary director.

Key factor success

Mobilize the whole managemen team on the decision to take at the key stages.

Give a hand free to identify all the preoccuations.

Engage working pairs to work on the topics deepening.

Offer analysis grids and a decision model through out topic priorization and concern qualification.

Bring an agile and coordonated dynamic to format works and their restitution.

From then

A formulated recommendation by the working group on the decision to take.

A detail analysis support linking each theme and the globale recommendation.

A preparatory exercice to the implementation phase and a documentary reference base on the vigilance points and their solutions.=

The creation of the right conditions to start the implementation phase (project state of mind).

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Done along with?