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Create an operation direction transverse to all the group activities

At start

How to integrate four subsidiaries recently bought in order to go from an association of SMEs to a Group while reinforcing the operational intelligence? How to deal with a cultural lack of collaboration among the executive committee and between the operation directions?

We offer to achieve a real common project to work on the collaborative culture of the middle management.

The steps along the way

Set up working groups at the middle management level to put into perspective the comfort gain, the value gain and to invest the whishes of the profession.

Conduct and value analysis to :

  • valorize the operation expertise of each other’s,
  • define what is transverse,
  • figure out what is distinctive in each subsidiary and brings performance.

Set up twenty work projects to go get performance breakthroughs derived from the value analysis (steering system, processes, organization, etc.)

Bring forward and identify the identity of the « New Manager » in his approach of the profession, of people, of values thanks to a new impulsed mindset and landmarks declined by profession.

Create a frame of reference on : the renewed values to bring transversality and collaborative, declined on the four activities and ahll the Group missions.

Create a corporate training academy (by Frédéric) to reinforce and enhance the first level of managers in order to establish operational excellence at the closest to the field.

Key factor success

The introduction of an unprecedented way of working for the company.

A strategic and operational analysis which enabled the workers (HR, operationals, sales, marketing) to be able to suggest and decide 99% of the time.

An analysis-centered approach which enabled to reinforce collaborative work and transform decision-making by laying out the issues first before getting into the solving-mode.

The transformation operated by the middle management to change the corporate culture (30 to 40 people) with the active presence of sales and support functions.

The set up of solutions to serve the client, the collaborators and the subsidiaries better, while being consistent with the Group dimension.

From then

A fantastic human adventure on more than three years with a transformed mindset.

The creation of new organizations (while leaving some parts unchanged), new responsibilities, new processes.

Greater comfort to the collaborators which allowed an economic gain (3 percentage points of gross margin).

An operation more cost-effective, more comfortable for the collaborators and more efficient for the client.

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