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Create a corporate academy to federate the management line

At start

The end of the implementation of a Management Charter raises the question of the perpetuation of this approach, and to federate all the training programs for the 12 000 managers.

To go further, the executive committee demands us to find out about this question : ” To what extend a management institute can contribute to the strategy and the organization? “

The steps along the way

Steer the project through a multidisciplinary working group on a 3 months period.

Interview various managers of the management committee and their direct reports to collect their outlooks.

Share with the working group all the available elements on the management training and in the professionnal academies.

Work through workshops on central questions: vision, mission, global or local repartition, budget system, offer, communication plan.

Bring benchmarks on hard spots with the invited speakers – corporate academies directors of big internatinal groups.

Key factor success

Efficient co-construction with the project team.

Flexibility and adaptation of the ways of working.

Intervention of relevant external counterparts.

From then

The validation by the Group HDR of the advisability report presented to the general executive committee.

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Done along with?