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Secure and accelerate a take into office following a promotion

At start

Ease the entry into office of a key account director toward a wider function on the management of the sales force with a proximity coaching.

The steps along the way

Grasp the context of the organization and the business issues.

Understand and challenge the expectations of the managing director, line manager of the position.

Evaluate the collaborator objectively and point out his/her assets, his/her development points with him/her and with the managing direction in order to set an action plan.

Support the management with working sessions on operation topics that he/she faces.

Key factor success

A deep assessment using SOSIE 2 tool enabling an efficient dialogue with the evaluated person.

A work on the management postures but also on the operational topics linked to the daily life of the coached person.

A transparent and clear communication all along the process, with progress report to avoid to work “off-ground”.

From then

A manager comfortable in his/her position, confident in his/her assets but also sensibilized on his progression points that his managing director shared with him/her.

Defined and objectified progression objectives.

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