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Equip the project manager to create and launch an Job Institute

At start

The executive committee of a naval group has validated several project for the future to support the 5-years group strategy. One of the projects consists of setting up a job institute to guarantee on the long-term the quality of the technical skills on the shipyards. Some occupations being under stress on the 10 to 15 years to come.

The client wishes to set up in a 3 month period “The Job Institute” with an internal project team.

The steps along the way

Assist the project director on all the phases: le directeur du projet sur l’ensemble des phases : reflection, construction, launch of the Job Institute.

Support the team to challenge the choices on this complexe project.

Make sure all the technical, human, financial and communication means are aligned for the success of the project.

Set up and train the team to project management.

formalize a complete communication plan towards the internal clients.

Key factor success

A global overview, shared with the team since the beginning.

The project management posture as a guide.

An internal team consisting of required specialities for each theme.

The choice of internal ambassadors for the co-construction.

From then

Quality programs launched: the 1rst session of 50 personnes on 3 weeks received a satisfaction rate of + 90%.

The implication of more than 30 technical well-known and credible contributors internally.

A real recognition of the Institute: a brand positioning, added-value throught an offer fitting the needs of the organization.

A launch on schedule.

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