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Maximize the operation of an executive management team

At start

The subsidiary’s new general manager of an international group in the medical device sector discovers a team management which is lowly collaborative and sparsly mobilized on transverse topics. He demands us on this topic to give meaning back to the collective and facilitate collaboration.

The steps along the way

Prepare a seminar enabling a better understanding of the ways of working of each person of the management team on the strength of an assessment tool, the TMP (Team Management Profile), easing the representation of the personal management preferences.

Animate the work meetings to: give a feedback on the profiles and analyze the strengths of the group and its improvement issues.

Confront the participants to the reality on a business case: the launch of a product involving the whole team.

Key factor success

A tight preparation with the general manager to integrate well context elements.

The use of an assessment tool without dogmatism (TMP).

The participation of several partners of Hommes & Performance regarding the diversity of the topics (finance, commerce).

From then

A re-engaged team, efficiently communicating with a better acceptance of the differences which are wealth for this group.

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