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Recruitment chain: a simple process where each step is significant

At start

We mainly work on managing director and executive positions. We are generalist with strong sectoral expertises such as industry, retail, joint world, consulting and services, IT services, transports.

The steps along the way

Explore the context and the concerns of the position for today and tomorrow.

Meet the managers of the available position and the participants of the recruitment process: understand the context but also question the certainties of our clients, fullt perform our role of consulting by sharing our wide knowledge of the candidate market.

Define a global and appropriate sourcing strategy: direct approach on defined targets, social media, firm networks, targeted recruitement ad.

Conduct a phone screen and meet the candidates for a first interview centered on the profesionnal skills and on the position presentation.

Offer to the direct manager to participate on a half a day, dependently of the position level, in order to improve efficiency and to have a wider candidate planel.

Use evaluation tools as background material if necessary (SOSIE 2) to objectify the assets and vigilance points of the candidates.

Draft a mission report with the handing in of an evaluation synthesis and automatic references, including integration advice.

Realize a follow-up on the candidate integration before the end of the enf of the trial period.

Key factor success

Develop a proximity relationship with the candidates, a single spokesperson throughout the process.

Ensure a rhythme to the process in order to maintain the optimal motivation of the candidate.

Provide information to the all stakeholders about the real time progress of the recruitment.

From then

Secured recruitments with integration advice to optimize the assumption of duties with a follow-up.

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