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Outfit young managers towards autonomy

At start

The assumption of responsability is very quick in the IT consulting sector. The young engineers who become team and project managers have to quickly change their postures and become 100% actors of their perimeters.

We offer to create a training program enabling this quick skill development.

The steps along the way

Analyze skills to change, to widen and to gain.

Choose four work axis to work on agility, adaptation and quality relationship: client intimacy, internal collaboration, managerial attitude and public speaking.

Help the choice of providers and set up a personal profile at the beginning of the training path.

Put into practice active pedagogy and creativity sessions from the first module, stage actor intervention on the last module, co-animation with experienced members during collaboration and client intimacy modules.

Theoretical inputs before the modules through e-learning sessions.

Key factor success

Blended training program with role plays as well as collective and individuals debriefings during the face-to-face trainings.

A telephone coaching with peers between two face-to-face modules to further the notion of intimacy within the client relationship.

Various external and internal speakers on key messages and about the mindset of the program.

A program of 8 days, on a 6 months period, reviewed and updated regularly depending on the organization and need evolutions.

From then

A still cutting-edge program for more than 15 years despite 3 shareholders changes.

More than 1400 young managers trained.

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