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Performance diagnosis of support functions

At start

How to give off money for the development of the company, by rebalancing the offered service level and support function costs?

What is the appropriate service level to the economical and commerciale ambition? At what cost?

We offered to co-construct and feed a performance plan of the support functions.

The steps along the way

Express and objectify all the means used to do different activities of support functions and the obtained results.

Use benchmarks to measure the gap between organizations in order to raise awareness that other options are possible.

Identify all sorts of opportunities, prioritized depending on the level of ambition and accessibility.

Converge on an action plan scheduled over time.

Set up a project and track the regular and progressive reach of the results.

Key factor success

Have available an internal sponsor to maintain the ambition.

Face the efforts to consent with the aimed ambition (investment, development, etc.).

Give meaning to the project.

Supply objective elements to enable an enlightened decision-making.

From then

A clear roadmap enabling to guide the daily choices of organization / investment.

A better appreciation of the support function contribution to the company performance.

A wider spreading of the management culture.

The development of synergies between support and operational functions, by a greater mutual comprehension.

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