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Develop young managers with a 360° feedback

At start

A startup which has enjoyed a very strong growth, promoted thirthy young workers to field management positions. Aware of this skill management shortfall, the management wishes to set up an appropriate action plan.

The steps along the way

Listen to the executive committee members on the perception they have on their managers and their expectations regarding the teams.

Listen that the people are aware of the weaknesses of numerous managers but still remain benevolent towards them.

Offer the implementation of a 360° program to set up appropriate and individual action plans.

Key factor success

Work in partnership with the tool AssFirst, which we have adapted to the client skill model.

Give a feedback to the collective on general trends, strengths and improvement points of the group.

Give all the individual feedbacks to the managers with transparency and sincerity to ensure the right grasp of their evaluation and to prepare a constructive feedback to their own teams under an action plan.

From then

Engaged managers towards their teams to set up concrete action plans.

Satisfaction barometer for the HRD.

A tool the company has assimilated and wishes to reuse every year.

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