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Retail and customer proximity

Retail is changing fast with the society. Now, retail sector faces deep transformations challenging 70 years of practice:

  • The transfer of the power of information to the client
  • The perception of the value of physical Retail services vs e-commerce
  • The new purchasing practices. That’s why retail actors move and launch major transformation projects.

Positioning, customer promise and services is a key point. For this, retail have to find new balance between new image levers and service. Regarding these challenges, the speed of implementation is a key parameter:

  • The in cross-channel customer relationship is a new dimension and further develop and manage,
  • The race for locations and opening stores accelerates,
  • The management of the network is increasingly vital to achieve the changes.

Therefore, Management and managers face real difficulties; how to manage performance of the everyday while anticipating a new business model and the emergence of new skills.

Monday 23 March 2015

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