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Recruitment & Careers

Recruitment, Evaluation, Coaching, Teambuilding, Outplacement

The Personnel & Careers Department was created in 2010 by consultants having more than 20 years experiences in recruitment, evaluation and HR consultancy.

Recruitment and Selection

Our process is based on an in-depth understanding of the context and needs of a post, an analysis of the competency requirements and an identification of the key criteria of the personality and motivation of the candidate.

Our role throughout this process is to « challenge » you, to assure that the clearly defined profile is well in phase with the real demands of the post. We are also careful to objectively evaluate the feasibility of the assignment within the best time frame.

We undertake our assignments principally by direct approach, and for discretion the assignments are not announced. We are nevertheless in a position to undertake research (internet sites + data bases) if the specifics of the post in question allow this.

Because selecting “the best candidate” is above all going beyond traditional criteria, training and experience, we systematically integrate an in-depth evaluation of the recommended candidates by the use of the personality questionnaires (Sosie), for which we are certified.

To optimise the chances of rapid success in finding the candidate, we are at your disposal to prepare his/her integration plan and assure a first follow up after several months.

Evaluation & Accompaniment individual and group

We use tools for which we are certified (SOSIE, TMS, 360°, MBTI) and are capable of mobilising consultants having high-level management experience both in English and French.

Validation of a promotion or a transfer: put into place the adapted evaluation process which goes beyond decision making and allows you to construct an appropriate plan of action.

Repositioning: aid someone to professionally reposition or move, thanks notably to a professional and personalised follow-up plan.

Coaching a manager confronted with changes in his working environment or the scope of his responsibilities: propose a work programme permitting the person concerned to better use their qualities and neutralise weaknesses while accompanying them over a defined period of 3 to 6 months.

Aid a management or project team to work together more efficiently. To put in place a work programme which targets a better understanding of ones self, and the acceptance of differences and complementary skills in others, and to follow this programme over a period of time to assure its implementation.

Develop managerial practices which conform with the implemented strategy:

deploy a 360° or 180° programme for a team of managers to produce a better understanding of their mode of working and steer them towards the formalisation of action plans.

Other references for HR Projects

Optimise the recruitment processes in a quality / Cost / Time frame.

  • Define and put into place a skills framework which allows HR and managers to effectively evaluate performance.
  • Develop your managers in recruitment to increase professionalism and attract the finest candidates.

Design and implement an evaluation programme of skills (assessment centre) perfectly adapted to the specification of your profession.

The analysis of profiles frequently allows us to identify candidates on the periphery of your sector of activity which will bring you the competitive edge that you are looking for.
We have nevertheless specialities such as industry, IT, consultancy and health, completed by multidisciplinary interventions of Personnel & Performance.

We work principally on posts for upper management and operational managers, in notably sales, marketing, production and support functions: finance, IT and HR

Wednesday 24 August 2011

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Recruitment & Careers

Our practical, comprehensive, client-focused approach revolves around the critical role of Human Resources in boosting your company’s performance.

Your contact is Jean Yves, manager of this activity.