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Our company ... at a glance

Our company is a consulting firm of a modest size.

Three founders and now Managing Directors, fifteen Consultants: our firm remains quite modest in size.

Our priority is to recruit and train a team of professionals in consulting. Internal training is an important ingredient in our work. The average age of our staff is 41.

Our business is to help our Client perform well in their own companies.

This is mostly so in the two main streams of our business: Project Management and Change Managment. In support of our missions, we also offer to work with Management Training and senior Coaching services.

Our main Clients have been large industrial or service groups.

Among the larger missions, often with an international dimension, we have performed on behalf of Clients such as Renault Trucks ; Monoprix ; LVMH & Louis Vuitton Malletier ; BNP Paribas ; Generali.

We are Partner-owned.

We finance our trade with cash-in-hand and are a purely private firm.

Monday 25 February 2013

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