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Nonprofit organizations and NGO

Focus on our expertise of nonprofit organizations and NGO

Considering that International regulation changes, more economic constraints, transparency requirement from the stakeholders, the nonprofit sector tries to answer effectively its stakes by handling both its fundamental values and some solutions and methods from private sector’s toolkits.

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Several fundamental characteristics are more important than anywhere else:

  • Value and symbolism of the societal mission,
  • Importance of the quality of the Human relationship and the pleasure to act,
  • Employees’ commitment, especially for volunteers.

Besides, common management and project tools are still to be anchored:

  • “Project management, procedures, profitability, financial efficiency…” are common words in most companies but may be hard to adapt and implement in non-profit organizations,
  • Nevertheless, HR issues are now unavoidable: economic models evolutions, need for project management & coordination, employees and volunteers’ career path and motivation.

We frequently work with academic professors (Lyon, Paris, Liège, Porthmouth) , Foundation for Social Innovation (Agesica) and a very innovative laboratory (Le Rameau), all dedicated to the specific issues of the nonprofit sector and organizations performances. As a board member of the French Professional Consultancy Union (SYNTEC Management), we take part in the “non-profit and NGO” workgroup and projects.

Hommes & Performance has designed approaches and methodologies, based on non-profit and NGO assignments and on our multi-sector expertise, to integrate at the same time:

  • The need to put forward solutions to solve “technically” performance issues,
  • The necessary management of the “soft” part: the acceptance of the transformation to come, using change management methodologies adapted to nonprofit network organizations.

Thursday 21 November 2013

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