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Information systems improve operational performance

The 4 key steps of a process

  • Structuring Information: organize controlling as a powerful tool adapted for business specifics: the control device should be as simple as allowed by the industry, and stick to business challenges, which are very different from a sector to an other service, industry, banking, retail, press and media
  • Reporting indicators: Industrialize reporting in network structures or groups, through harmonization of standards and management tools: How to ensure that the 250 subsidiaries of a group share the same vision of their business and the same way to analyze it, while preserving their specificities? Build and share the Group “Management framework” and tailored accounts plans.
  • Organize teams: Create a dynamic project management around performance of process accounting / management: How to develop innovation and sense of customer service in administrative departements?
  • Organize IT systems: think IT systems as a key element of the performance Finance / Accounting / Management: what is the IT system that will best achieve the business objectives?

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